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     Margaret Minardi  lived many of her early years in Port of Spain, Trinidad where without television or radio, she was able to foster a vivid imagination.  She graduated H.S. in 1978 From Cold Spring Harbor. In her H.S. years she was able to attend The Huntington School Of Fine Arts which gave her a heavy classical, atelier  training.  She attended S.U.N.Y. Purchase where she was influenced by the Abstract Expressionists, especially Willem de Kooning. She was a painting major with a minor in lithography.  She graduated at the top of her conservatory and in 1982 was awarded the Faculty Award For Drawing And Painting.  Minardi received a Masters in Education from Dowling college.  The remainder of her eduction has been predominantly self-taught.

     Margaret Minardi does not have a traditional studio.  She works on tables or on the ground wherever she is, sometimes lugging 5 foot canvases around during her work day.  She is a an obsessive artist, rarely looking up into the real world.  Her series have focused on subjects such as infertility, adoption, identical twins, her upbringing in Trinidad and bi-polar disease.  She has struggled through these issues on the substrate in front of her.  Most of the time Minardi works in a stream of consciousness, not knowing what a series is about until it is most of the way through it. 

     As a 30 year high school art educator, Minardi has found profound gratification in passing on what she teaches herself to her students.  They help to keep her stimulated and excited about art and on top of the latest technology and mediums.  She is also  a single mother of two of her own, Max and Vanessa.

     Most of the past 30 years have been spent promoting her students work.  Over that time a thousand works of her own art have accumulated in the closet.  In January of 2015 a close friend bullied her into taking her work out.  Since then she has shown in ver 60 exhibitions that include solo, group, local, national and international venues.  Her work continues to win top awards, including Best in Show in many of them.  

     Minardi has also been a panelist and guest speaker at places like the Heckscher Museum and Saint Joseph’s College.  She has been a grant recipient, A juror and  an Artist in Residence.

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